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Exercise Early to Dominate Your Work Day.

Our schedule is packed with more classes than ever, and we’ve got slots to fill almost any work (and life) schedule. But we still see clients struggling to make it into the gym after long hours at work; even if the day’s schedule seems predictable, projects, deadlines, and minor fiascos often get in the way of our days as originally planned.

Our recommended solution? Even if you’re not a morning person, try hitting up our amazing and community-oriented morning classes instead!

Exercising before work accomplishes a few unique things. First, you start your day with an unbeatable feeling of accomplishment.

Second, it’s the best pre-work fuel you can think of (and yes, that means it’s better than coffee, though we won’t be mad if you combine the two). Hit your place of work feeling energized, fresh, and mobile.

Third, exercise boosts overall brain function, and the effect can be felt for several hours after you work out; this phenomenon is especially noted in high-intensity training, which is what we’re all about.

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